Omicron Variant


What is it called? The OMICRON COVID-19 Variant was initially referred to as B.1.1.529, but on Friday was designated as a covid-19 variant of concern (VOC) by the World Health…
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Covid 19 in Bangladesh

Coronavirus Update in Bangladesh

Coronavirus Update in Bangladesh shows that, it has wreaked havoc on every sector of Bangladesh in the worst possible way. Naturally, when compared to other developing countries throughout the world,…
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Mental Health

Impacts of COVID-19

Even before COVID-19, children and young people were troubled by mental health disorders that were not addressed properly. Impacts of COVID-19 are really crucial in poor mental health young people…
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Covid Around the World

Covid-19 Update

The COVID-19 crisis has, and is, having significant and uneven impacts across all over the world. For the past two years, the world has been in pandemic mode. The virus…
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New storybook to help children stay hopeful during COVID-19

A new surge of coronavirus cases has spread across the country and while there’s still so much to learn about the virus, how it’s transmitted and its long-term effects, the…
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What Needs to Change to Enhance Covid-19 Vaccine Access

While most people who get COVID-19 are able to recover at home, the rush is on to find a treatment that’s safe and effective against life-threatening cases of the disease.
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