Message from
DMD & Head of Branch

We are facing a new kind of global war, COVID-19. The most effective armor to fight the disease is more & more tests. For that, the role of diagnostic centers are most pivotal as reliability and quality of test must be ensured. To ensure that, we have to confirm all required equipment and technologies with proper training in accordance with directives from the World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover, authenticity of the test should be safeguarded as well.

In the same connection, Prescription Point has installed COVID-19 RT- PCR equipment with the latest model and technology along with latest Antigen test which provide quick result. Since 2006, experienced doctors and technicians are the heartbeat of the diagnostic center serving more than 1 million check-ups. Our well-qualified doctors and efficient staff are determined to fight the disease with utmost professionalism as they have shown before. To ensure authenticity and quality of the tests, we have established Real-Time IVR Tracking software through which the authorized person can verify the testing process anytime.

Personally, I have always tried best to contribute proactively in any sector the country needs support. I’m glad to inform you that I made active participation in the education sector and in exporting manpower where the aspiring middle-income country still needs immense support. During this unprecedented pandemic, I feel the fight should immediately begin with testing from well-known & trusted diagnostic centers.

This pandemic is a common challenge faced by all the citizens around the globe. Sharing resources is the only chance to survive under this turbulent period. The real remedy starts from quality tests & check-ups. Let’s cooperate together to beat the pandemic.

Ariful Bari Mojumder