Message from
Director, Business Development

Ever since the beginning, we have been driven by our passion and commitment to our patient’s well-being. Prescription Point started its journey in 2006 to provide the best possible diagnosis delivered most efficiently and effectively. We have experienced doctors and healthcare experts who maintain the highest level of quality and credibility while treating patients.

We fully understand that the key to proper treatment is a proper diagnosis which will depend on the accuracy of the test results. This is why Prescription Point has installed Covid-19 RT-PCR equipment with the latest technology along with latest Antigen test which provide quick result. To fight this pandemic, we are trying our best to provide healthcare to the citizens at their convenience. Our services include a General Covid- 19 test which can be done from our booth or from the patient’s home. We also have Covid-19 Traveler’s test for people who will be traveling to other countries. The test reports are given through SMS, email or written form within 24 hours but in case of emergency, we do have the option to get a fast report delivery (04-05 hours). Written reports can be couriered directly to the patient’s home within 48-72 hours. The motto is to create a hassle free testing process for the patients. We also do not neglect the medical personnel involved with the Covid-19 testing process. They are geared with adequate safety equipment such as PPE, sanitizers etc. Our team is doing its best to provide any medical help during this time of crisis.

I have always been driven and passionate about making a positive contribution to society and help the lives of millions. This is why it is important for us to make sure each and every patient receives individual attention and care from our doctors. Our goal is to provide 24/7 support to patients who need immediate medical attention. Quick identification of the disease will ensure a quicker treatment of the infected people which will eventually slow down the spread of the Virus. This is our ultimate goal.

Bangladesh is a developing country with a very large population and there are a few crucial sectors that need more attention. The health and education sector is on the rise with high potentiality which is why we have invested our time and effort here. Our team of doctors, professionals, and technical staff believe in delivering quality service that makes a positive difference for the citizens.

Aniza Parveen